Monday, July 25, 2016

The Ups and The Downs

I have been all over the map lately.

I am getting so sick of all the negativity.
It's everywhere.
All over online and in my home.

Online people are just bashing everybody for everything.
And I mean everything.

It is depressing.
Even when the person seems to think they are being funny.
But, they ain't Joan Rivers and it ain't funny.

My husband is not what you would call a content person.
He always sees the negative.
And that can be wearing.

And of course now he is having kidney problems.
They have had to change his blood pressure meds a couple times and take him off his water pill.
Hopefully that will stop them from getting worse.
But, whatever damage has been done is still there.

We are almost done paying off the truck.
End of the year.
Then we can attack other bills and put some money back.
That will be nice.
And if I want to buy a pair of pants, I don't have to mentally calculate whether it is doable.

That's the downside of getting a lower paying job when you still have the bills of a higher paying job.

The pullets will start laying soon.
Not sure how long the roosters are going to last around here.
Dewey could be meaner, but he is still a bit of a turd.
Moe is more laid back.

My diet is still not back to where it should be.
I mean, I am still not eating gluten. I am adverse to stabbing abdominal pains.
But, my beverage choices aren't so great.

Sometimes I just don't care.
I really don't.

I need to get back to posting more regularly on both of my blogs.
But, I don't know if that is going to happen.

I feel better when I post.
Finding the time is hard.
Making the time is hard too.

Lately all I really feel like posting is about crap that I just hate.
But. I don't want Welcome to Me to turn into a blog I don't want to read.

I am trying to find my focus.
I'm not sure were it went.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cause I am Smart

Sometimes I want to want to ask people why do you work there?
Why do I ask?
Why do I even tell you things?

Take where my daughter works.
I could run that kitchen better than the person in charge.
I do understand profit margins. But, I also understand how to run a kitchen.

Where my husband works, all payroll stuff is online.
Stubs, tax forms, benefit stuff to fill out.
A while back they got hacked and the website address changed so I could not access it.
All I wanted was to be able to get to it.
They just changed my password.
What the hell is that going to do?
They seem to think that all I need is the main page and it doesn't work that way.
Since that site is who they go through, shouldn't they know that?
So, I did a search and found the address myself.
I guess I should have just done that to begin with instead of figuring they knew what they were doing.

Two of my lady chicks turned out not to be ladies.
Yep, I gots me a couple roosters.
When I first told Honeyman, he asked me if I was sure.
The combs and wattles on them and none of the other eight would seem to be a sign.
Don't you think?
Now, we've got crowing action and the romancing of the pullets.

I may just be one of the smartest people on the planet.
You know what that means?

It means that I will never be in charge of anything.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Back in the Day

I remember back in the day 99 cent a gallon gas was expensive.
Now, $2.00 a gallon is cheap

If you tattled at school, the teacher would pin a tattle tail to your back and make you walk around school all day.
Now, telling is good.

I remember common sense being more prevalent.
Now, people listen to the "experts".

Parenting used to be left to the parents.
Some did a shitty job.
Some did a good job.

After that, spanking was frowned upon.
Now, a group of people think spanking is good and teaches respect.

"Kids have no discipline today."
"Obviously their parents didn't believe in spanking."

Oh, please.
There are as many rude, lazy, old people as there are young people.
Old people just think they are entitled to speak their mind.

As a parent, you have to parent in the best way that works for you.
All spanking ever taught my child was that it was OK to hit.
All I learned from getting spanked was that I had to be afraid of doing something wrong.

I didn't learn respect.
I spanked a few times cause that is what I knew as discipline.
I learned that it didn't work so I changed what I did.

Back in the day, we had school from August to May and we learned the whole time.
Because that is what we were there for
Now, kids get candy for doing things right, pizza parties and movie days just cause.

Back in the day, going to college was not a given.
Now, if a kid doesn't go people think it is odd.

Back in the day, most stores had ONE bathroom and it was for everyone and you had to wait your turn.
Now, people are fighting about who should be using which bathroom.

Back in the day, you got domestic beer and you were going to like it.
Now, you can go imported or microbrew or even gluten free if you need.

You can get imported chocolate instead of having to buy Hershey's like back when.

Back when, computers were huge.
Now, we can put 'em in our pockets.
And drop them in the toilet.

People want to take America back.
Back to what?

Some things were better back in the day, some things not.